Bucharest Stock Exchange mentoring program for Made in Romania entrepreneurs

Regional workshop – Iasi, July 4th

The Made in Romania workshop caravan started in Iasi, on July 4th, where the interest of Moldavian entrepreneurs once again demonstrated that the program initiated by the Bucharest Stock Exchange two years ago contributes to the development of Romanian businesses. We discussed how certain processes in a company’s business can be improved, especially in the face of labor shortages, as well as about branding and the various types of finance available to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs’ expectations from investors.

We thank the entrepreneurs and their colleagues for joining our workshop in Iasi and hope to see each other soon!

Regional workshop – Cluj-Napoca, July 18th

Whether summer, or Electric Castle, businesses do not stop, but go ahead. The Made in Romania regional workshops roadshow reached Cluj-Napoca, where we met with Transylvanian entrepreneurs eager to take their business to the next level. We talked about money and how they can be put to work, how the banks have assumed the role of business consultant, not just the creditor. As any business can grow organically or through acquisitions or mergers, the entrepreneur needs both a trustworthy and motivated team, as well as trusted consultants. A good reason to motivate the team is to “transform” employees into shareholders through stock option programs.

The next stop of the roadshow is in Timisoara, where we meet with the entrepreneurs in Banat.

Regional workshop – Timisoara, September 3rd

The Made in Romania roadshow arrived in Timisoara, where we organized a workshop dedicated to entrepreneurs in Banat. We discussed the opportunities offered by the capital market to entrepreneurs for the development of their companies, as well as the processes that entrepreneurs can implement to gain a sustainable development of their companies, ARP processes, employee loyalty programs, positioning through a strong brand as well as about the innovation brought by banks for the support and healthy and rapid development of businesses.
In October, the Made in Romania roadshow arrives in Bucharest, with a new workshop dedicated to Romanian entrepreneurs and their colleagues.

Regional workshop – Bucharest, October 3rd

The caravan of Made in Romania regional workshops arrived in Bucharest, where we organized the last of the 4 workshops of this edition. We discussed how the stock market is the right place for the growth ideas of Made in Romania businesses by attracting capital from investors, but also from other sources, as well as about implementing a healthy development strategy. This must take into account the adaptation to the needs of the market and the motivation of the employees, the dynamization of internal processes, the communication with customers and business partners through a clear and convincing branding.
We thank all the entrepreneurs and their colleagues who participated in these workshops!
Although the caravan of this year’s Made in Romania workshops has come to an end, the program continues, and the interaction with the entrepreneurs from all three editions continues, so that the purpose of the Made in Romania program is reached, to identify and contribute to the development of the future engines of the Romanian economy.



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