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5 to Go

5 To Go is the largest chain of coffee shops In Romania, with presence in Bucharest and other cities, as well as being the most used franchise in the country.


Adservio is an online educational management platform, more than a digital catalog, and it provides access to complex school information.

Agroserv Mariuta

Laptaria cu caimac – Agroserv Mariuta – Laptaria cu caimac is a modern bottling plant with the highest quality cow milk in terms of fat, protein and lactose content, with minimal germ and somatic cells.

Altex Romania

Altex is the leader of the electronics, home electronics, IT&C and multimedia products market in Romania

AMC RO Studio

AMC Ro Studio is an IT company specialized in 3D graphics services and programming for video games, movies and multimedia applications.

Annabella (Fabrica de Conserve Raureni)

With a tradition of over 50 years in the preparation of fruits and vegetables according to authentic recipes, Raureni always offers nature’s most valuable gifts.

AROBS Transilvania Software

Arobs is one of the world’s leading software vendors, 5th among the top local IT employers.

Bio Eel

Bioeel is a trademark registered in the production of natural remedies with proven effects.

Cel is one of the largest online retailer in Romania.

Christian Tour

Christian Tour is the largest tour operator of charter holidays in Romania


Ciserom is a manufacturer of socks with a tradition of 90 years on the market.

Clinicile Dr. Leahu

Clinicile Dr Leahu is the first option for patients who want to escape quickly, safely and without the pain of any dental condition.

Dacia Plant

Dacia Plant is a manufacturer of food supplements containing the highest amount of active substance.


DocProcess provides solutions for automating supplier invoice control.

Elba Electronics

Elba is the leader of the lighting market.

Elis Pavaje

Elis Pavaje is the largest manufacturer of pavements on the Romanian market

Elsaco Electronic

Elsaco offers systems and solutions for increasing energy efficiency.

F64 Studio

F64 is a retailer specialized in the sale of photographic equipment.

Fabrica de Bere Buna

Fabrica de Bere Buna is the pioneer of the handicraft industry in Romania.

Farmacia Catena

Catena is the largest player in the local pharmaceutical market.

Fildas Trading

Fildas is the third largest drug distributor in the local market.


Flanco is the most dynamic electro-IT retailer in Romania, with stores in over 90 cities.


Fortech is one of the largest software vendors in the region, repeatedly recognized in the top-ranked Deloitte ranking of the fastest-growing companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

French Revolution

French Revolution is a cake shop specialized in authentic French recipes who set out to revolutionize one of the most delicious cakes in the world, the ecler.

Fruteria delivers fresh fruit to companies every week.

Green Spots Technology

Green Spots is a producer of solar panels to convert renewable energy into electricity.

Grup Sapte

Grup Sapte is the first marketing agency in Romania that supports an omnichannel engagement approach.


Jidvei is the largest DOC wine producer, offering the widest variety of products.

Jolidon International

Jolidon is an international brand of underwear and swimwear.


Kober is a manufacturer of paints and varnishes.

La Mama

La Mama is restaurant chain with Romanian urban kitchen and 20 years of gastronomic history and culinary delights.

Lacto Solomonescu

With over 25 years of experience, Lacto Solomonescu continues a family tradition of two generations.

Luna Solai

Luna Solai is a producer of premium collection of cold-pressed, healthy and stylish oils combining taste and health in a modern form.

Merlin's Beverages (Vitamin Aqua)

Merlin’s Beverages is a manufacturer of water with vitamins and aromatised.

Noah Watch

Noah Watch is a start-up focused on producing and design of watches made of wood.


Carmangeria Sannicoara is a butchery chain that includes as well restaurants.


Norofert is an agro-tech company specialized in production of organic fertilizers and bio inputs.

Oscar Downstream

Cea mai mare companie petroliera independentă distribuitoare de carburant din România


Otter is one of the largest local retailers of footwear and accessories.


Pescado is market leader for premium spawn salads and marinades in oil and brine.

Regina Maria

Regina Maria is the second largest private health network.


Rodbun is an integrator of products and solutions in the field of agriculture, the most ambitious project in Romanian agriculture.

Salad Box

Saladbox is the largest Romanian restaurants brand.


Secom is the leader of integrative medicine solutions responding to the needs of a healthy lifestyle of modern people.


Spartan is a chain of fast food restaurants with Greek-inspired cuisine.

Teds Coffee

Ted’s Coffee is a coffee shops chain.

Timesafe (Pago)

Pago is an app that centralizes the management and payment of utility bills, prepaid calling cards and the purchase of RCA.

Transylvania College

The private school Transylvania College is the only international school in Romania as well as Cambridge certified which offers a complete educational path from nursery to high school.

Typing DNA

Typing DNA is a Romanian cybersecurity start-up.

Vivre Deco

Vivre is the largest online furniture and decoration retailer in Central and Eastern Europe, active in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia.