Made in Romania partners

A vibrant community for establishing long-term business relationships.

Made in Romania provides the opportunity for all consultants, intermediaries and corporations* in the business environment to be a Made in Romania Official Partner. Partners become part of a vibrant community and support Made in Romania companies in their story of success.

Made in Romania semifinalist companies are part of a structured workshop program and specialized consultancy on various themes that they meet in the everyday life of a business. This mentoring program is designed to accelerate their development, explore funding options and access a network of potential business partners, similar companies and investors.

Semifinalist companies remain members of the Made in Romania community and have access to our expertise and consulting network.

*Natural or legal persons who have recently appeared in the media with negative connotations (legal issues, media scandals, etc.) are not eligible. Until such information is denied, those candidates are not eligible for participation in the Made in Romania program.

Brand exposure and increased visibility

Partner’s promotion through his expertise and experience

Participation in high-profile networking events organized by BVB and other partners Made in Romania

Developing a long-lasting relationship with potential customers

Presenting workshops for the Made in Romania semifinalist companies

Mentorated for company development