For companies

Benefits for companies


Marketing and free publicity

Public recognition of the company by awarding it during Made in Romania Gala

Promoting the company ‘s image and brand through:

  • Presentation of the company’s story towards the members of the Nomination Committe and Jury and Made in Romania book, released at the end of each Made in Romania edition;
  • Participating of companies as speakers at various events dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange and its Partners;
  • Participation in interviews and events organized by other BVB Partners;
  • Presentation of the company in 7/24 Capital episodes (media project of BVB).

Companies start to appear on the “radars” of potential investors and business partners.


Access to the Made in Romania community of entrepreneurs, consultants and investors

New entries in the program will be able to get in touch with other entrepreneurs, consultants and investors, and enter into business partnerships.


Events for C-level management

Implement a benefit scheme for C-level management, such as organizing or inviting high-profile events in international reference financial centers;

Creating the VIP Club – Made in Romania, through informal quarterly meetings between BVB, Made in Romania Partners and C-level management of the finalists of all previous editions of Made in Romania, with the aim of:

  • Constantly crystallize and improve the Made in Romania project;
  • Create and strengthen the relationship between Made in Romania entrepreneurs and identify new business lines and partnerships.

Free of charge workshops dedicated to companies employees (middle/top management)

The 15 finalists can benefit from individual seminars at their own headquarters, webinars, or work groups at a central location;he workshops take place at the companies HQs, via webinars or in a central location.

The structure and topics of the workshops are set before the Made in Romania Gala. After the Made in Romania Gala, companies receive the structure and topics of the seminars and choose which workshops they want to participate in. Together with partners and companies, BVB sets a day when seminars will be organized.

The finalist companies can propose new topics for workshops within a reasonable time before the dates of the workshops.


Free of charge assistance from BVB and BVB Partners

Made in Romania semifinalist companies can benefit from a number of free hours of assistance from BVB and / or BVB Partners for various topics in areas of interest to companies:

  • Marketing;
  • Auditing and accounting;
  • Business strategy;
  • Financing;
  • Other topics.

In the event of a round of financing via the capital market, the costs will be discussed bilaterally between the company and the Partners.

BVB will not charge fees to Made in Romania companies that want to list and / or issue shares and / or bonds on one of the markets administered by BVB.