For companies

Atract capital

Why to use Bucharest Stock Exchange to attract financing

  • Acces to a diverse range of consultants and investors;
  • Multiple funding options;
  • A standardized process for attracting money;
  • Benefits of high image and visibility on the local market and against external players.

We connect the capital with the ideas

The main purpose of the stock exchanges is to facilitate the flow of money from investors to entrepreneurs who want to attract capital for development. The benefits of a listed company are more sophisticated than just access to capital because once listed, companies benefit simultaneously from improving their profile, free and consistent advertising, improved corporate governance, increased visibility in the eyes of customers, business partners, and the community per se.

Bucharest Stock Exchange offers a financing alternative to both mature companies that can attract capital to the Main Market as well as start-ups and SMEs for which the AeRO market was created. Both stocks and bonds can be issued on both markets. Only in 2018, the Bucharest Stock Exchange listed stocks and bonds issues worth a total of over EUR 1bn.

Any company in Romania or in the region with ambitious growth and development plans should consider listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange as a way to improve its profile. For more information on the benefits of listing your company, click here.

Steps towards capital

Listing on the stock exchange may seem a complicated process, though it should not be seen as such.

We can synthesize the entire process in 3 stages:

  1. Start
    Set-up a meeting with BVB. Decide the capital needs. Select the intermediary.
  2. Preparation
    Promoting to Investors. Approval and publication of the prospectus.
  3. Attracting the capital
    By selling shares/bonds to investors.

Explore the financing opportunities through Bucharest Stock Exchange

Main market

For large companies:

  • Shares – click for more info
  • Bonds – click for more info

AeRo market

For Start-ups and SMEs

  • Shares – click for more info
  • Bonds – click for more info

Given the high interest of Romanian entrepreneurs, the Bucharest Stock Exchange has prepared an infographic campaign that will help the entrepreneurs to better understand the reasons for the listing decision, the steps they have to take in attracting funding and other topics, including costs.

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