Made in Romania #4, 2021

Made in Romania: BVB League, the unique program of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) for Romanian companies, started the fourth edition and moved to the Made in Romania Platform, a framework for local entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to promote their businesses and get in touch with capital providers active in the local market.

The 3rd edition of Made in Romania

2019 Edition

The first edition of the project took place throughout 2017, following the launch in February 2017. In January 2018 BVB launched the second edition of the project.

Organized for the first time in the history of the Romanian capital market, Made in Romania is a unique project of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, launched with the goal of identifying and promoting Romania’s top companies. Bucharest Stock Exchange’s objective behind Made in Romania is to identify the future engines of Romanian economy and assist these companies throughout a full year in order to help them bring their businesses to the next level, by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development.

In the first stage, we invite Romanian entrepreneurs, partners and supporters, as well as the employees of innovative Romanian companies to submit their applications using this website.

In the second stage, BVB together with the members of the Nomination Committee will select 50 companies.

In the third stage, out of the 50 companies, a Jury consisting of 12 top market experts will select 14 companies. The 15th company will be selected by public vote, which will be available on this website in April. The 15 finalist companies will be announced public and awarded during Made in Romania Gala..

In the last stage, after the Made in Romania Gala, between May and November, Bucharest Stock Exchange together with its Partners will offer to entrepreneurs a special mentoring program: trainings, workshopss, networking and business development opportunities that will aim at stimulating growth and development. The trainings offered will cover areas such as, but not limited to: branding, marketing and sales techniques, product development, management consulting, alternatives for financing, financial reporting, investors relation, listing processes etc.

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295 nominees


50 semifinalist companies

15 finalist companies



Adservio is an online educational management platform, more than a digital catalog, and it provides access to complex school information.

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Agroserv Măriuța (Lăptăria cu caimac)

Laptaria cu caimac – Agroserv Mariuta – Laptaria cu caimac is a modern bottling plant with the highest quality cow milk in terms of fat, protein and lactose content, with minimal germ and somatic cells.

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AMC Pixel Factory

AMC Ro Studio is an IT company specialized in 3D graphics services and programming for video games, movies and multimedia applications.

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Annabella (Fabrica de Conserve Raureni)

With a tradition of over 50 years in the preparation of fruits and vegetables according to authentic recipes, Raureni always offers nature’s most valuable gifts.

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AROBS Transilvania Software

Arobs is one of the world’s leading software vendors, 5th among the top local IT employers.

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DocProcess provides solutions for automating supplier invoice control.

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Elba Electronics

Elba is the leader of the lighting market.

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Farmacia Catena

Catena is the largest player in the local pharmaceutical market.

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Jidvei is the largest DOC wine producer, offering the widest variety of products.

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Kober is a manufacturer of paints and varnishes.

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Noah Watches

Noah Watch is a start-up focused on producing and design of watches made of wood.

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Rodbun is an integrator of products and solutions in the field of agriculture, the most ambitious project in Romanian agriculture.

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Salad Box

Saladbox is the largest Romanian restaurants brand.

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Typing DNA

Typing DNA is a Romanian cybersecurity start-up.

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Vivre Deco

Vivre is the largest online furniture and decoration retailer in Central and Eastern Europe, active in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia.

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The unique stories of the finalists — 2019 Edition

Made in Romania book

The third edition of Made in Romania has brought a series of improvements, with a clear segmentation of the participating companies, as well as a restructuring of the mentoring program, so that Made in Romania gets as close as possible to the Romanian entrepreneurs. The segmentation of the registered companies took into account, among others, the turnover, number of employees and the period of activity, so that there are three categories of companies: start-ups, SMEs and large companies. Each participating company thus competes with companies of similar size. The 15 finalist companies reached the final after a thorough and very careful judging made by 24 experts in various fields of economy. In the jury, nearly 300 Romanian companies were analyzed, almost 50% more than in the previous edition (201) and, at the same time, almost double compared to the first edition of the 2017 program (166). In the three editions, BVB interacted with about 600 Romanian companies.

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Project timeline


February 18 – March 22

Companies Nomination Period

March 25 – April 7

Selection of the 50 semifinalist companies

April 8 – 21

Public vote session and appointment of the Public Favourite Company

April 23

Jury Meeting

Vote for the 15 finalists


Made in Romania Gala

July, September, October

Made in Romania regional workshops (Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Bucharest)

February 2020

Announcing Made in Romania IV-th edition

Launch of the Made in Romania III-rd edition book

For entrepreneurs


Iași — July 4th

Regional workshop

The Made in Romania workshop caravan started in Iasi, on July 4th, where the interest of Moldavian entrepreneurs once again demonstrated that the program initiated by the Bucharest Stock Exchange two years ago contributes to the development of Romanian businesses. We discussed how certain processes in a company’s business can be improved, especially in the face of labor shortages, as well as about branding and the various types of finance available to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs’ expectations from investors.

We thank the entrepreneurs and their colleagues for joining our workshop in Iasi and hope to see each other soon!

Cluj-Napoca — July 18th

Regional workshop

Whether summer, or Electric Castle, businesses do not stop, but go ahead. The Made in Romania regional workshops roadshow reached Cluj-Napoca, where we met with Transylvanian entrepreneurs eager to take their business to the next level. We talked about money and how they can be put to work, how the banks have assumed the role of business consultant, not just the creditor. As any business can grow organically or through acquisitions or mergers, the entrepreneur needs both a trustworthy and motivated team, as well as trusted consultants. A good reason to motivate the team is to “transform” employees into shareholders through stock option programs.

The next stop of the roadshow is in Timisoara, where we meet with the entrepreneurs in Banat.

Timișoara — September 3rd

Regional workshop

The Made in Romania roadshow arrived in Timisoara, where we organized a workshop dedicated to entrepreneurs in Banat. We discussed the opportunities offered by the capital market to entrepreneurs for the development of their companies, as well as the processes that entrepreneurs can implement to gain a sustainable development of their companies, ARP processes, employee loyalty programs, positioning through a strong brand as well as about the innovation brought by banks for the support and healthy and rapid development of businesses.

In October, the Made in Romania roadshow arrives in Bucharest, with a new workshop dedicated to Romanian entrepreneurs and their colleagues.

București — October 3rd

Regional workshop

The caravan of Made in Romania regional workshops arrived in Bucharest, where we organized the last of the 4 workshops of this edition. We discussed how the stock market is the right place for the growth ideas of Made in Romania businesses by attracting capital from investors, but also from other sources, as well as about implementing a healthy development strategy. This must take into account the adaptation to the needs of the market and the motivation of the employees, the dynamization of internal processes, the communication with customers and business partners through a clear and convincing branding.

We thank all the entrepreneurs and their colleagues who participated in these workshops!

Although the caravan of this year’s Made in Romania workshops has come to an end, the program continues, and the interaction with the entrepreneurs from all three editions continues, so that the purpose of the Made in Romania program is reached, to identify and contribute to the development of the future engines of the Romanian economy.

12 members

Nomination committee

Mircea Căpățînă

Cofounder SmartBill

Matei Dumitrescu

Vicepresident TechAngels Romania

Marius Ghenea

Partner 3TS Capital Partners

Dragoș Neacșu

CEO Erste Asset Management

Sergiu Neguț

Business angel, Business Growth Consultant

Voicu Oprean

Founder Arobs Transilvania Software

Sorin Pâslaru

Editor-in-chief Ziarul Financiar

Mihai Purcărea

CEO BRD Asset Management

Dan Rusu

Head of Research Banca Transilvania

Constantin Stanciu

Cofounder Upgrader

Silvia Ursu

Project Manager Civitta

Dochița Zenoveiov

Brand Innovator Inoveo

12 members

Made in Romania jury

Lucian Anghel

President Bucharest Stock Exchange

Răzvan Butucaru

Partner, Audit & Financial Advisory Mazars

Radu Constantinescu

Cofounder Qualitance

Ovidiu Dumitrescu

Deputy CEO Tradeville

Radu Hanga

Senior Adviser to the Board Banca Transilvania

Nicoleta Iordan

Cofounder Carturesti

Irina Neacșu

Executive Director Corporate Finance BRD-Groupe Societe Generale

Marius Ștefan

Cofounder Autonom Rent-a-Car

Adrian Tănase

CEO Bucharest Stock Exchange

Ioana Tănase

Executive Director Corporate Finance BCR

Sergiu Voicu

Journalist Digi24

Kurt Weber

CEO Horváth & Partners


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Made in Romania gala, 3rd edition

Regional workshop – Iasi, July 4th

Regional workshop – Cluj-Napoca, July 18th

Regional workshop – Timisoara, September 3rd

Regional workshop – Bucharest, October 3rd

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Made in Romania gala, 3rd edition