Made in Romania


Made in Romania

Made in Romania is a unique project of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) launched to identify, promote and support the best growth stories in Romania, the future engines of the Romanian economy, and to support them throughout one year to bring their businesses to the next level by improving their transparency, visibility and, most importantly, earning the necessary capital for growth and further development.

Through the Made in Romania program, we want to bring together as many entrepreneurs, consultants and investors as possible, to offer them the opportunity to sit at the same table and, thus, to work together for the sustainable development of the business environment.

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is building competitive capital markets in the Central-Eastern Europe. We are providing financing opportunities for companies looking to raise funds on the Romanian capital market. BVB has witnessed an increasing flow of capital in the recent past, coming from retail and institutional investors, both national and international. The Romanian capital market has embarked on an ambitious development journey and the future growth perspectives are optimistic.



Bucharest Stock Exchange’s mission is to transform the capital market in an active financing tool of the Romanian economy.



BVB is aiming to shape one of the most comprehensive markets in Central-Eastern Europe by creating attractive opportunities both for companies and investors in a dynamic and transparent environment.



BVB will continue to offer its support to the successful closing of privatization process of the state owned companies, list new private companies and increase number of active investors. Key objectives are to transpose international best practices into the local market and to upgrade to the Emerging markets status.

The unique stories of the finalists

Made in Romania book

Stories from companies and partners



“We appreciate that we have been nominated by the Bucharest Stock Exchange and its partners in the Made in Romania program and that this project is also paying attention to the small companies in the market, but with the potential and the desire for development. We are glad that we are part of this project and we hope our story inspires others”

— Ovidiu Bodea

Apiland Founder

“The Made in Romania program has a well-defined purpose that we resonate with: identifying the future engines of the Romanian economy and assisting them over the course of a year to support them in business development. We are developing in a constantly moving and evolving society, and the exchange of information and experiences that takes place within this program can have a positive influence on the participating companies.”

— Horatiu Tepes

Bilka Founder

“We are glad to be part of the Made in Romania program, a presence that honors us and once again confirms the performance of being at the forefront of Romanian companies. An additional recognition that the Romanian IT & C industry is competitive not only at local and regional level but also globally”.

— Ioan Cocan

Tremend Cofounder


“2018 Made in Romania edition came as a follow-up to the previous year’s excellent approach, whereby we are getting closer to the Stock Exchange and the capital market in general a wider range of local companies, authentic brands and talented people who have managed to reinvent the local entrepreneurial landscape”.

— Radu Hanga

Senior Advisor to the Board, Banca Transilvania

“We are impressed by the number of companies registered and the positive reactions generated by Made in Romania. Entrepreneurs with initiative, visionaries who have created local development opportunities, that have expanded their business abroad and promote the «Made in Romania» brand all over the world. Each of these is a source of inspiration. The final selection is a representative example of the participating companies.”

— Razvan Butucaru

Partner, Mazars

“The spirit of those who develop a business is the most important energy source of an economy, I dare to say even of a country or a whole culture. «Enterprise» is one of those words that represents much more than the definition in a dictionary, is the force that has moved entire continents and changed the course of history. For me, Made in Romania is becoming a project to recognize the existence of that spirit in our country, a way to find our inspiration to motivate everyone to be better, to create value and things and ideas regardless of whether we start at the peaks of science and latest technologies or from the earliest roots of our history. These companies are already shining through their own powers, and the fact that we can see some of these companies among the BVB issuers is the chance to make the whole world a brighter place.”

— Ovidiu Dumitrescu

Deputy CEO, Tradeville