2018 Edition


Companies interest in Made in Romania project was significantly higher in the second edition, so 201 companies were registered in the project at the end of the nomination (15 January – 16 February), 20% more than in the first edition. This success could not be achieved without the help of the members of the Nomination Committee, the Jury, the partners, but especially the companies that entered the first edition of the BVB League and who were ambassadors of Made in Romania.

Out of the 201 registered companies, the Bucharest Stock Exchange together with the Nomination Committee, consisting of 12 experts from various branches of the economy and well anchored in the local economy, chose 50 semifinalists. It has been hard work, decisions have been made difficult because each company has a unique story, even if some of them work in the same field.

In the next stage of the project, the relay was handed over to the Jury, who was given the difficult task of selecting only 14 companies to enter the BVB League. The 15th company was selected by public vote. The voting session took place from March 19 to April 3, at which time 42,540 votes were registered on www.bvbleague.ro, almost four times more votes than in the first edition of the Made in Romania project, from 2017. The final list of the 15 companies was officially announced on April 25, 2017, at the Made in Romania Gala.

Between May and November, finalists and the other 35 semi-finalists had the opportunity to benefit from a special program dedicated to supporting long-term business development, covering topics such as marketing and branding, strategy and innovation, audit and development financing.

Registered companies

Semifinalist companies

Companies join BVB League

Short stories of the 50 semifinalists companies

The 201 nominated companies, at a glace

Geographic distribution


The largest Romanian producer of mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets.


The company with the most varied range of apicultural products in Romania


Aqua Carpatica

The second most sold brand in the entire natural mineral water market

Bebe Tei

The largest specialist store for pregnant women and children between 0 and 4 years age

Bilka Steel

Market leader in roof systems.


Bookstore chain concept, dedicated to a new experience of buying and promoting books and cultural events.

City Grill

The largest Romanian chain of restaurants.

Cramele Recas

The largest bottle wine exporter in Romania.


The largest Romanian cosmetics manufacturer.


Direct importer of mobile phones and accessories from China and distributor of mobile phones under its own brand.


One of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world.


Developer of innovative digital products and services with large companies around the world using emerging technologies – IOT, blockchain, machine learning, AR and VR.


The largest dairy company with 100% Romanian capital.


The largest European supplier of safety belts, car covers and chairs for children.


Developer of IT solutions based on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IOT, machine learning or microservices.

2017 Edition


The first edition of the project began in February 2017 and was organized in several stages: nomination, shortlist and final selection. During the two weeks of the application submission period, we received 166 nominations. Out of the 166 only 50 companies entered the short list of BVB and the members of the Nomination Committee in March 2017, and until the end of the month, the Jury – consisting of 12 local and international experts, selected 15 finalists. The final list of the 15 companies was officially announced on April 3, 2017, within the dedicated Gala Premiere.

Between May and November 2017, the Bucharest Stock Exchange together with its partners has organized a number of top quality workshops and seminars dedicated to all 50 companies that entered the shortlist. The 15 finalists entered the BVB League – a special mentoring program offered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange and its partners. These companies have had the unique chance to benefit from free meetings with our partners in order to find out how to further develop their business.

We are proud that during this 11 month period we collaborated with the 166 companies that submitted their applications and during the workshops we succeeded in stimulating innovation and best practices in 50 Romanian companies as well as promoting the stories the success of the 15 finalists and the people behind them.

Received nominees

Short-listed companies

Companies join BVB League

Unique stories of the 2017 finalists

2Perfomant Network

The first affiliate marketing network in Romania


Principal partner of thousands of Romanian farmers, offering complex agriculture solutions


The largest independent gaming developer in Romania


Autonom Rent-a-Car

The largest car rental company in Romania

Blue Air-Airline Management Solutions

The largest Romanian airline company, by the number of passengers transported


One of the largest food producers in Romania


Leader in the development of Romania’s energy, telecommunication infrastructure and civil engineering

Good People

Market Leader in the Healthy Food Sector


One of the largest Romanian producers of agricultural and forestry machinery


One of the first dermatocosmetics manufacturers in Romania

Lasting System

Business technology company with 20 years of activity and one of the largest IT & C distributors in Romania


Leader in the vegetable and agribusiness industries in Romania

Smart Bill

Top Romanian manufacturer of billing software


International provider of business software services with over 1 million end-users in Romania


The largest online travel agency in Romania