Made in Romania

Made in Romania is an original project of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The first edition of the project took place throughout 2017, following the launch in February 2017. In January 2018 BVB launched the second edition of the project.

Organized for the first time in the history of the Romanian capital market, Made in Romania is a unique project of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, launched with the goal of identifying and promoting Romania’s top companies. Bucharest Stock Exchange’s objective behind Made in Romania is to identify the future engines of Romanian economy and assist these companies throughout a full year in order to help them bring their businesses to the next level, by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development.


December 14, 2017

Announcement of the 2nd Edition; relaunch of the new website


January 15 – February 16, 2018

Period for submitting nominations by the Nomination Committee members as well as entrepreneurs


March 19

Shortlisting of 50 companies out of all submissions received, based on the of Nomination Committee Members and BVB


March 19 – April 3

Public vote for selection of the 'Choice of a Public'


April 5

Meeting of the Jury to establish the finalists


April 25

Made in Romania Gala: official announcement of 15 companies that will enter the BVB League


May - November

Training for the 50 shortlisted and 1-on-1 meetings for final 15



Official opening to launch the second edition of Made in Romania book with the stories of the 15 finalists

In the first stage, we invite Romanian entrepreneurs, partners and supporters, as well as the employees of innovative Romanian companies to submit their applications using this website. The online form will be available for submissions starting January 15, 2018.

In the second stage, BVB together with the members of the Nomination Committee will select 50 companies, which will go on to the next stage in which 14 companies will be selected by a special Jury consisting of 12 top market experts. The 15th company will be selected by public vote, which will be available on this website in March 2018. The audience will be invited to vote for one of the 50 finalist companies, which, in their opinion, has the biggest chance of becoming a successful Romanian story.

The Made in Romania project will not end there since it will offer entrepreneurs more benefits. The 15 finalist companies will enter the ‘BVB League’ – a special mentoring program offered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange and its partners. Between April and November 2018, the Bucharest Stock Exchange, together with its partners, will provide support and mentoring to the finalists by providing them with training, workshops, networking and business development opportunities that will aim at stimulating growth and development. The trainings offered will cover areas such as, but not limited to: branding, marketing and sales techniques, product development, management consulting, alternatives for financing, financial reporting, investors relation, listing processes etc.

Made in Romania Nomination Committee

Vlad Andriescu

  • Editor in chief

Piotr Bialowas

  • Vicepresident
  • INC SA

Dorin Boerescu

  • CEO
  • 2Performant

Dan Călugareanu

  • Chairman
  • TechAngels Romania

Iulian Cîrciumaru

  • Founder
  • V7 Capital

Valerica Dragomir

  • Executive Director
  • ANIS

Antonio Eram

  • Founder & CEO
  • NETOPIA mobilPay

Sergiu Neguț

  • Angel Investor

Dan Rusu

  • Head of Research
  • Banca Transilvania

Virgil Zahan

  • CEO
  • Goldring


  • EMEA Managing Partner
  • JustNow


  • Brand Innovator
  • Inoveo

Made in Romania Jury

Lucian Anghel

  • President
  • Bucharest Stock Exchange

Răzvan Butucaru

  • Partner
  • Mazars

Ovidiu Dumitrescu

  • Deputy CEO
  • Tradeville

Marius Ghenea

  • Partner
  • 3TS Capital Partners

Radu Hanga

  • Senior Adviser to the Board
  • Banca Transilvania

Dan Isai

  • Founder & CEO
  • Salad Box

Cristian Logofătu

  • Co-founder
  • Bittnet Systems

Alina Radu

  • Partner, Head of Banking and Finance

Adrian Tănase

  • CEO
  • Bucharest Stock Exchange

Daniel Truică

  • Founder & CEO

Sergiu Voicu

  • Journalist
  • Digi24 TV

Kurt Weber

  • CEO
  • Horváth & Partners

2018 Edition

The companies’ interest in Made in Romania project was significantly higher in the second edition, as 201 companies were registered in the project at the end of the Nomination Period (January 15 – February 16), by 20% more than in the first edition. This success could not be achieved without the help of the members of the Nomination Committee, the Jury, the partners, but especially the companies that entered the first edition of the BVB League and who were Made in Romania’s ambassadors.

Out of the 201 registered companies, the Bucharest Stock Exchange together with the Nomination Committee, consisting of 12 experts from various branches of the economy and well anchored in the local economy, chose 50 semi-finalists. It has been hard work, decisions have been made difficult because each company has a unique story, even if some of them are active in the same field.

In the next stage of the project, the relay was handed over to the Jury, who was given the difficult task of selecting only 14 companies to enter the BVB League. The 15th company was selected by public vote. The voting session took place between March 19 and April 3, at which time 42,540 votes were registered on, almost four times more votes than in the first edition of the Made in Romania project (2017). The 15 finalists were officially announced on April 25, 2017, during Made in Romania Gala. In the attached brochure you can discover the 50 semi-finalists and their short stories.

Between May and November, finalists and the other 35 semi-finalists will benefit from a special program dedicated to supporting long-term business development, covering topics such as marketing and branding, strategy and innovation, audit and development finance. Depending on the topic of each month, workshops, trainings and meetings will be held for the teams and employees of the selected companies.

201 nominated companies

50 semi-finalist companies

15 companies enter the BVB League

Read the brochure

Find out the short stories of the 50 semi-finalists (the text is in Ro)

Read the brochure

2018 Edition

  • Allview

    The largest Romanian producer of mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets
  • ApiLand

    The company with the most varied range of apicultural products in Romania
  • Aqua Carpatica

    The second most sold brand in the entire natural mineral water market
  • Bebe Tei

    The largest specialized store for products for pregnant women and children between 0 and 4 years old
  • Bilka Steel

    The Leader of the Roof Systems Market
  • Cărturești

    Concept-bookstore chain, dedicated to a new experience of buying and promoting books and cultural events
  • City Grill

    The largest Romanian chain of restaurants
  • Cramele Recaș

    The largest Romanian bottled wine exporter
  • Farmec

    The largest Romanian cosmetics manufacturer
  • iHunt

    Direct importer of mobile phones and accessories from China and distributor of mobile phones under its own brand
  • Musette

    One of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world
  • Qualitance

    Developer of innovative digital products and services with large companies around the world using emerging technologies - IOT, blockchain, machine learning, AR and VR
  • Simultan

    The largest Romanian milk processor
  • Te-Rox Prod

    The largest European supplier of safety belts, car covers and car seats for children
  • Tremend Software Consulting

    Developer of IT solutions based on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IOT, machine learning or micro services

Made in Romania Gala Highlights



Main partners

Grupul Financiar Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania Financial Group supports Romanian entrepreneurship. BT offer includes banking services, investment and financing options, asset management, securities trading, financial and operational leasing as well as direct financing. Banca Transilvania, the centerpiece of BT Financial Group, is a second biggest bank in Romania in terms of assets. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is BT’s significant shareholder. It is the first banking institution in Romania listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and one of the blue chips listed on BVB.


Mazars has more than 20 years of experience in providing specialized support to large international groups, Small and Medium sized Enterprises, private investors and public bodies, at every stage of their development, consolidating in the recent years its market position among the top 5 companies specialized in audit and financial consulting, tax consulting, accounting, payroll and personnel administration.

Horvath & Partners

Horváth & Partners are independent, international management consultants with over 700 highly qualified employees. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, we have offices at locations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, Horváth & Partners are a proud member of the Cordence Worldwide global management consulting partnership, which strengthens our ability to undertake consulting projects in important economic regions of the world with the highest professional expertise and precise knowledge of local circumstances.


Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) is the largest and one of the most reputed law firms in Romania, having more than 25 years of experience. NNDKP provides integrated legal, tax advisory services and intellectual property counselling through its specialised entities, and operates through its headquarters in Bucharest and four regional offices across Romania, located in Timisoara, Brasov, Craiova and Cluj-Napoca.


S.S.I.F. Tradeville S.A. has been an authorized broker since 1994, with more than 20 years of experience on the Romanian capital market and over 10 years of experience in intermediation of financial instruments on foreign markets (NYSE /Euronext, NASDAQ, TSX, London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Burse, etc.). It is the leader of the retail segment and the online trading in Romania (1st place by the number of trades brokered on the BVB) with more than 9,300 open investment accounts. Tradeville S.A. is also the leader in application of technological innovations in the Romanian capital market, the first Romanian broker who introduced the possibility of trading via the Internet. It has developed the first online platform in 1999 and since then it has developed a whole range of web-based and mobile trading applications. Since 2017, is the newest Tradeville platform assisting clients in trading ETFs worldwide in different domains: IT, Financial, Energy, Medical, Telecom, etc.

Catalyst Romania

Catalyst Romania is the first private equity and venture capital fund designed for Romania. Initially sponsored by 3TS Capital Partners, one of the leading private equity and venture capital firms in Europe, Catalyst Romania is mainly funded by the European Investment Fund (EIF), through the JEREMIE initiative, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Catalyst Romania is currently managed by a local team based in Romania and aims to make early stage venture capital investments in Romanian SMEs from the Technology, Media and Telecom sectors, with investments in the range of €200,000 up to €2,000,000.


We like entrepreneurs that love their business more than they love their cars and invest in the future of their brand. We work with open-minded entrepreneurs who believe that their brand is an important business card for their business profit. We like to believe that Romania’s true chance consists of our power to refine romanian brands that have at least 7 years on the market, and to make them more seductive, more desired, more vendible, more profitable.