2017 Edition

The first edition of the project was launched in February 2017 and was organized in several stages: nomination, shortlisting and final selection. During the two weeks of the application submission period, we received 166 nominations. Out of 166,  50 companies entered the short list of BVB and  the Nomination Committee members in March 2017. By the end of the month, the Jury, consisting of 12 local and international experts, selected 15 finalists. The final list of the 15 companies was officially announced on April 3, 2017, during the dedicated Awards Gala.

Between May and November 2017, Bucharest Stock Exchange together with its partners organized a number of top quality workshops and seminars dedicated to all 50 companies that entered the short list while the 15 finalist companies entered the BVB League – a special mentoring program offered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange and its partners. These companies had the unique chance of having free meetings with our partners in order to find out how to further develop their business.

We are proud that during this 11 months period we collaborated with all 166 companies that submitted their applications, and during the workshops we succeeded in stimulating innovation and best practices in 50 Romanian companies, as well as promoting the success stories of the 15 finalists and the people behind them.

166 nominations received

50 shortlisted companies

15 companies enter bvb league

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15 Companies for the growth of the Romanian economy and their unique stories:

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2017 Edition

  • 2Performant Network

    The first affiliate marketing network in Romania
  • Agricover

    Principal partner of thousands of Romanian farmers, offering complex aglriculture solutions
  • Amber

    IT, on demand software developer
  • Autonom Rent-a-Car

    The largest car renting company in Romania
  • Blue Air-Airline Management Solutions

    The largest Romanian airline by passengers flown
  • Cris-Tim

    One of the largest food producers in Romania
  • Electrogrup

    Leader in developing energy, telecommunication and civil engineering infrastructure in Romania
  • Good People

    Market leader in the healthy food sector
  • IRUM

    One of the largest Romanian producers of agricultural and forestry machinery
  • Ivatherm

    One of the first dermocosmetic producers in Romania
  • Lasting System

    Business technology company with 20 years of activity and one of the largest IT&C distributors in Romania
  • Prutul

    Leader in the oil and agribusiness industry in Romania
  • Smart Bill

    Leading invoicing software in Romania since 2008
  • Softelligence

    Leading international provider of business software services with over 1 million end users in Romania
  • Vola.ro

    The largest online travel agency in Romania